About Us

We are CannyCool Tinting Specialist ,one of the leading Window Film Specialists in Malaysia. Since our establishment in year 2007, We have successfully Tinted more than 50,000 Vehicles and have been Awarded Numerous Awards in the recent years. Today, CannyCool Tinting Specialist has became one of the Top Companies in Window Tinting industry and we have a Team of Professional Installers and a Team of Knowledgeable Marketing Executives to keep you and your assets Safe and Sound.

Customers’ needs are our main concern and customers’ satisfation is our priority, we don't only maintain good,mutually respectful relations with our customers but we are also ready to provide highly effective solutions to cater for all our customers’ requirements.

We have a team of experts who believe in the values of proficiency, work ethic and professionalism. We are all responsible, dedicated and committed to our work in achieving the optimal result on your car. Our objective is to perform the best and to ensure that your investment is protected.

Cannycool Tinting Specialist focuses on ultimate standard of Professional workmanship,Professional advice on tint selection with a wide selection of tinting products which comply with the local government's regulations as well as highest standard of cutting edge product technology.

We do provide training for all our installers as well as our sales executives to ensure that they deliver the right working attitude. A final and thorough inspection will be carried out by our supervisor upon completion of work, and customers will be given a short brief on the precautionary measures with regards to handling the finished product. Do expect to receive calls from us from time to time!

Thank you for having faith in us! We look forward to serving you!